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From the ruins of a war torn city, you found a young girl who has lost her memories. A mysterious voice within you suddenly whispers "Remember me.” From that moment, you felt the need to care for the little girl. You told everyone that she was your long lost sister. After trial and investigation, the courts granted you custody. Since then, your life together with your new sister begins .

The MEMORIES, Remember me is a life simulation game where you play as the older sibling of a young girl whom you and your team rescued in a small town in the city of Beluah. Now tasked with the challenge of raising her, you must ensure that she grows up and lives a life worth living.

With this game guide, you’ll learn the basic features of the game which can help you raise your sister. Help her make friends, learn new things, work to earn money, go on adventures, take vacations, and join events! Every choice influences you sister's life. See how she turns out with almost 56 different endings!

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